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nternational Congress of Glass (ICG) 2022 - we are there!


International Congress of Glass (ICG) 2022 - we are there!

From July 3 to 8, 2022, a delegation of Keylab Glastechnologie will participate in the International Congress of Glass (ICG) in Berlin. With four technical presentations and two posters we will present current topics from our research activities:

From the VaporCoat project, the contributions will highlight the effects of superheated steam treatment on the glass structure at the surface of container glass in the presentation Transient subsurface hardening of soda-lime-silica glass accompanied by surface network depolymerization caused by superheated steam, and present the influence of fictive temperature on the glass network in the presentation Effect of fictive temperature on surface structural chemistry of soda-lime-silica glass.

The EcoSphere project, nominated for the German Future Prize 2021, which deals with inorganic thermal insulation plasters in combination with hollow microspheres, will be presented in the talk Sprayable Glass Bubble insulation - The sustainable & energy efficient building insulation.

In addition, the concept for increasing the strength of container glass by means of ion exchange, from the StrongBottles project will be discussed in more detail in the presentation Salt-coatings for chemical strengthening of soda lime container glass.

Poster presentations will feature the use of bio-compatible glasses as glass separators in lithium-ion batteries from the GlasSeLiB project, titled Bio-soluble Glasses for Lithium-Ion Battery Separators.

The upcycling of glass cullet as a raw material for the production of 3D printed components presented with the title 3D-printing of powderized recycled glass by resin-based stereolithography.

For more information, please visit the ICG 2022 website and click here for a full program and details of the individual presentations.

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